High Quality Leopard Gecko Genetics at Great Prices! All in one place, no way.   

We are Sold Out for the 2017 Season - Please visit our other site!

We operate both Embergecko.com and this site Samshouseofleopardgeckos.com, feel free to combine orders and save on Shipping!

Terristika Hamm Germany Reptile show - September 2016 -   We plan to ship again for the September Hamm Show in Germany. For those of you interested get your orders in prior to the show. We charge $70.00 per gecko for shipping. Note we ship to most places in the world, however a minimum charge does apply. 

2016 Breeding Season is already started- This season we are planning to produce a diverse group of Hatchlings from a very nice group of breeders. Most of this years Breeder males and females were produced by Sam's last season or Embergecko.com. 

Going bigger is again a big part of our 2016 plan this year, so look for the Giants. Most of our hatchlings will be Giants with some Super Giants mixed in.

We plan to have the following morphs this season:

  • Giants, Super Giants and Normals
  • Albinos
  • Bandits & Bolds
  • Blizzards
  • Designers
  • Leucistic
  • Eclipse
  • Enigmas
  • Raptors & Aptors
  • Snows - Tremper and Mack
  • Sunglows
  • Tangerines

 If you have an interest in a specific morph, please contact me for more information any time at info@samshouseofleopardgeckos.com .

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We have found that we have so many geckos to post at Embergecko.com that we needed an additional site.  This site is comprised of mostly normal and giant sized Leoaprd Geckos. There are some great opportunities to purchase some great genetics for a fair price. Note that a large amount of our Giants grow out to Super Giants. Watch for the deals.

James Steinert - Owner/Manager

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