There are 2 ways to make a purchase.

  1. Outright Purchase
  2. Place a Gecko on hold for later delivery and payment for up to 30 days 

Outright Purchase

If you have found the Gecko you want to purchase, just click on the BUY NOW OR PLACE ON HOLD tab next to the gecko you are interested in purchasing or holding, and follow the steps. Its real easy and very secure. When you place an order online your personal and Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover, etc) information is encrypted using SSL Encryption Technology. Samshouseofleopardgeckos.com This is a safe place to do business.

You will then receive a payment confirmation from our Credit Card Processor, Authorize.net that we have received your payment.

We will then confirm the desired ship date and arrange to deliver your Gecko. Note, we typically ship on Tuesdays for Wednesday delivery, and Wednesday for Thursday delivery. There is a reason we have chosen these days to ship. Monday we are very busy as we tend to receive lots of orders over the weekend and have to process them for shipping. We don't like to ship later than Wednesday due to the possibility if we ship on a later day your Gecko may be delayed in shipping and then the weekend comes up. This would be bad as your Gecko may not be delivered till the following Monday. In saying this we have shipped geckos on Thursday many times before for Friday delivery. We try to be flexible as we do realize not everyone has so much flexibility with their jobs.

Place a Leopard Gecko on hold

We  have a plan that allows you to place a Gecko on hold untill you are ready to complete the purchase. When you are filling out the Order Form after you click BUY NOW OR PLACE ON HOLD,  there is a box you can check to place an animal on Hold. Check this box and it will automatically collect 25% of the total purchase price, plus any applicable Taxes and shipping. Then we will contact you to confirm when you plan to take delivery and pay the balance due. Note we only allow 30 days for held Geckos.

Note that there are NO REFUNDS. If you change your mind we will issue you credit for use in another purchase you can make at any time for any Gecko. The only exception is if your Gecko became sick and died, this is a very unlikely scenario, but could happen. Has never happened yet. We will make a full refund ONLY in this situation



We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Credit or Debit Cards - Most types accepted
  • Pay Pal

Tel: 208-809-8690

Email: info@samshouseofleopardgeckos.com

We will aggressively prosecute all fraudulent transactions.

Shipping in the USA

All Geckos are shipped Fed Ex overnight Priority delivery by 10;30am on delivery day. Live delivery Guaranteed. We charge $60.00 per shipment up to 10 Geckos per shipment.

We do ship in approved insulated live animal shipping box's. In some cases due to weather we may include a heat/cold pack in the box.

Shipments are delivered to a local shipping hub in the afternoons to assure your animal spends the least amount of time in transit. Then the following day you will receive delivery. Note that if there is a delivery delay, you are responsible to contact the shipper using the Tracking Number we will provide you before your shipment goes out.

International Orders 

We do ship internationaly. There is a minimum order size of approx 10 to 20 geckos per shipment. Please contact us at info@samshouseofleopardgeckos.com for costs. We ship regularly to Germany, U.K., Hong Kong, Italy, and Japan.

Canadian Orders

Canadian orders are treated the same as international orders. There is one way to simplify this: If you live nearby the USA/Canadian border or have a friend who does, you could drive over the border and pick up your shipment in most any city in the USA. We will just ship you Geckos to a nearby Fed Ex/UPS drop point for your pick up.

Thank you for your interest in Samshouseofleopardgeckos.com